Bullying can happen anywhere, to anyone?school, work, at home. Sure, we all know the stereotype of the playground bully pining to steal your lunch money, or the gossip girl ready to spread an ugly rumor. But, the truth is that bullying happens every day in both obvious and subtle ways that are a far cry from the Regina George rumor mill.

If you are experiencing bullying, know that you are not alone. Although it?s hard to know exactly how many people have experienced bullying, most estimates indicate that the vast majority of people experience bullying at some point. It?s a serious problem that can be detrimental for self-confidence and can significantly impact one?s ability to feel safe, do their best work, and take care of themselves.

Bullying is repeated hurtful actions with the intention of demonstrating power imbalance. And, it can take many forms: in-person physical attacks, verbal taunting, and even cyberbullying. While still hurtful, bullying is not a one-off act of unkindness. Bullying is on-going, consistent, and relentless, chipping away at someone?s sense of self over time.

Bullying is no joke. Studies show that persistent bullying is associated with symptoms of mental health challenges like anxiety and depression. This is especially true for young people, many of whom navigate the psychological challenges of bullying long after the bullying has ended.

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