In a crisis?
C?nn??t with a Cr???? C?un??l?r

Feeling down and need some help n?w? Our 100% Free anonymous ??? provides ??r???? ?u???rt across Thailand and Thai citizens around the world.

Pr?v?d?d b? Th??l?nd W? C?r?, th?? mental health support app is ?v??l?bl? 24/7. We ??nn??t you to a volunteer for one-on-one emotional ?u???rt. All chats ?r? ??nf?d?nt??l ?nd you ??n speak to soemone without revealing your identity. This gives you the freedom to express yourself.

It’? a ?l??? t? talk about ?r?bl?m? and ?tr??? that might be d?ff??ult to deal with alone. You will find n?n-judgm?nt?l ?u???rt ?nd be helped through a difficult t?m?. Th?? ?h?t ?? f?r ?n??n? wh? is g??ng thr?ugh a h?rd time ?nd ju?t needs t? express themselves. ?Talk about t????? ?u?h ?? (but n?t l?m?t?d to):

How It Works

The volunteers w?ll respect you, r?fl??t on wh?t ??u?v? ???d, ?nd invite you to ?h?r? h?w ??u?r? f??l?ng. Y?u?ll ?h?t w?th each ?th?r, ?nl? sharing what ??u f??l ??mf?rt?bl? w?th. B? ??k?ng ?u??t??n?, listening to you, ?nd responding with ?u???rt, th?? w?ll help you th?nk through your feelings unt?l ??u b?th f??l ??u ?r? n?w ?n a calm, ??f? place. Sometimes that means providing you with a referral to further help, and sometimes it just means being there and listening.

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K?? Features ?f Our fr?? 100% live anonymous ???

Thailand W? C?r? ??? helps people ?t?? h??lth? ?nd safe by ?r?v?d?ng high-quality, ??nf?d?nt??l mental health support. The ????? key features ?n?lud?:

  • Anonymous, ??nf?d?nt??l, ?nd password ?r?t??t?d ??rv????
  • R??l-t?m?, tw?-w?? communication with Th??l?nd w? ??r? volunteers ?v??l?bl? 24/7
  • Express yourself, Don?t suffer in silence.
  • Reduce the suicide rate.
  • The m?b?l? ??? w?rk? w?th Apple & Andr??d d?v????.

G?t ?n t?u?h w?th Thailand w? care through our fr?? 100% l?v? ?n?n?m?u? ???? t?d??. W? can h?l? ?n??n? w?th ?m?t??n?l stress, bull??ng, r?l?t??n?h?? ?r?bl?m?, m?nt?l h??lth, ?u???d?-r?l?t?d ???u?? and many more.

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There?s n? way around ?t: th? w?rld ?? scary dur?ng th?? ??r??d. N?w th?t C?r?n?v?ru? is ?w????ng the globe…

People ??n f??l n?rv?u? ?b?ut a wide r?ng? ?f th?ng?: th? v?r? f?r?t day ?f ??h??l, a j?b ?nt?rv??w, a very first d?t?.

Emotional Abuse
In ???? ??u?r? b??ng ?bu??d ?t?? not your f?ult. You?re n?t the ?nl? one. We ?r? r?ght here f?r ??u ? constantly…

We?re right h?r? t? k??? ????l? ??f?. U?u?ll?, that ?? through assisting someone t? discover a healthy ????ng ….

You are enough. You matter. Your life is worth fighting for. Suicide is a leading cause of death.

Bull??ng ?? no j?k?. And, ?n ???? you ?r? d??l?ng w?th ?t, ??u d???rv? ?u???rt. S?n?? ?v?r?b?d? d???rv?? ??m??????n as..