Our goal is to help texters move from hot moments to a cool calm. Sometimes, that means we give our texters a resource – like a breathing GIF to help them slow down or a link to finding a support group near them.

While Crisis Text Line uses reasonable efforts to vet referral resources listed below according to established criteria (including but not limited to nondiscrimination based on protected classes or immutable characteristics), listing such referral resources does not indicate or imply endorsement of the third-party provider or its services by Crisis Text Line. Crisis Text Line is not responsible for the content of or service provided by any of these resources.

Criteria for Referrals

It’s important to us that we send our texters the best referrals. We aim to provide resources that are accessible, inclusive, and free or affordable. So, a team of dedicated staff and Crisis Counselors put a lot of time, energy, and love into defining quality. Hard to appreciate what you can’t measure, right?

Crisis Text Line offers referrals that:

  • Are free, and don’t contain hidden services or subscription fees.
  • Provide unique, specialized information that is highly beneficial to someone in crisis.
  • Cite reputable sources.**
  • Are advertisement free.
  • Don’t discriminate based on age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation, etc.
  • Are not independent private practitioners, including but not limited to: therapists, counselors, doctors, lawyers.
  • Are not privately-run or -owned blogs or businesses.
  • Don’t request access to photos, contact lists, or social media accounts to access resources.
  • Are iOS and Android compatible.

**The source is considered reputable if it’s from 1) a 501(c)(3) organization or municipal, state, or federal agency that provides social, educational, or health and human services; or 2) is a for-profit health and/or human services organization that is not eligible for 501(c)(3) status but meets all state licensing requirements, such as hospitals, health clinics, substance use disorder treatment programs, that offer services at no cost, or community counseling agencies that offer services at no cost.

We’re always growing our referrals database. If you provide a global service and would like to be considered for this database, please fill out this form. If your service is in Spanish, please complete this form.

Below is a list of our US-based referrals. Please see this list for support internationally.

Referrals for Abuse

We collab with some of the best to get the word out about Crisis Text Line. Read some marketing case-studies from our partners.


Males | Website | Informative | Provides support for males who have been sexually abused.

For: All ages | App | Immediate Support | Helps to prevent domestic violence by allowing users to call for help with the touch of a button, while posing as a news app.

For: Teens & Young adults | Website | Advocacy | Provides dating abuse programs and peer support via text for young people ages 12 to 24. Also gives information on navigating the justice system and finding safety.

For: All Ages | Website | Informative/Support | Provides parents and teachers with resources, training and support for child abuse prevention, intervention, and treatment.

For: All Ages | Website | Support | Provides support for victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in the deaf community. (Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing approved)

For: All Ages | Website | Informative | Provides evidence-based articles, self-help tools, and readings for 21 topics for teens, adults, parents, and elderly (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing approved).

For: All Ages | App | Interactive | Offers intimate partner violence safety planning with personalized safety information and resources for self or someone else in an abusive relationship.

For: Adults | Website | Support & Resources | Provides information about protective services and reporting abuse for senior adults and adults with disabilities.

For: All Ages | Website | Advocacy | Provides information, local help, and strategies for parents, children, and professionals in order to prevent or intervene when child abuse occurs.

For: Adults & Teens | Website | Immediate Support | Offers 24/7 help for domestic assault victims over the phone, and has information on how to recognize and prevent domestic abuse. (Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing approved)

For: All Ages | Website | Support and Informative | Provides information, resources and confidential hotline for survivors of sexual assault. (Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing approved)

For: Adults | Website | Immediate Support | Provides immediate help for adults to intervene to stop child sexual abuse, and information to prevent child sexual abuse from occurring. Also helpful for perpetrators/abusers.

For: Adults | Website | Informative | Advocates for leadership and prevention of sexual violence through their resources and media centers.

For: Adults | Website | Support | Provides legal information for male and female survivors of domestic or sexual abuse including: pressing charges in criminal and civil court, what to expect in court, obtaining restraining orders, and finding a lawyer.

For: Adults & Teens | Website | Support | Provides legal information, safety planning, and direct contacts to immediate help for survivors of abuse or harassment in the workplace.